What is Reflexology?

Reflexology is an alternative therapy involving the use of acupressure and massage techniques on the feet, hand and ears to help the body return to a state of optimal balance.

What can I expect to feel after a treatment?

After your initial session you will feel an overall sense of relaxation and well rested. After two to three treatments you will start to see more pronounced benefits. Most people will find that they sleep better, are overall less stressed/anxious and have more energy along with a sense of well being.

Will it tickle or hurt?

No, there may be reflexes that are slightly tender to start with but through regular treatments that tenderness will subside. Reflexology is also not ticklish because a firm touch is used rather than a light one.

I’m pregnant, is it safe to get reflexology done?

Yes, reflexology treatments are safe throughout your whole pregnancy. Your reflexologist will adjust your session specifically for you, depending on your trimester.

Is reflexology safe for children?

Absolutely! Reflexology is fantastic for children of all ages, helping them relax and boost their immune system along with countless other benefits. Your Reflexologist will adjust the length of your child’s session and the pressure used to tailor each session to each individual child’s needs.

What is Aromatherapy?

Aromatherapy is the use of essential oils to improve or maintain health and/or beauty. It is one of the many fantastic complimentary therapies available, that take into account all aspects of a person -body, mind and spirit- rather than just the symptoms of a disease, and assist the body’s natural ability to balance, heal, regulate and maintain itself.

What brand of Essential oils do you use?

We source our essential oils from several different suppliers depending on the essential oil. However we never use any essential oils from any type of multi level marketing company.