Rosemary Essential Oil


Rosemary Essential Oil


For those of you who have been following our blog series so far, you know that we’ve spent some time talking about a few fantastic essential oils already. For those of you who are just starting to follow us now, you can check out all our previous posts here.
Today we are going to talk about Rosemary essential oil, also referred to Rosmarinus Officinalis.

Rosemary essential oil has a very strong herbal scent and is extracted through the steam distillation of the leaves, flowers and twigs of the Rosemary plant.

This plants can grow up to 4 feet high and has grey-green needle like shaped leaves and pale lilac colored flowers that bees really love. Originating from Asia, it is now also cultivated in Tunisia, Yugoslavia and France.

Rosemary gets it’s name from the Latin word ‘Rosmarinus’ or ‘sea dew’ as it generally grows in close proximity to the ocean.
In the times of the ancient Greeks and Romans, the herb was considered sacred and believed to symbolize love and death, and then in the middle ages it was used to ward off evil spirits.

Precautions: Do not apply on or near the face of young children or infants, and it is not recommended in the first trimester of pregnancy.

Rosemary essential oil is most commonly used for the skin, helping to treat congested skin, acne, promote hair growth and help combat dandruff. However it is also known as the memory oil because it’s a phenomenal brain stimulant and helps boost energy, concentration and it helps to stimulate the central nervous system.
Those aren’t the only uses for Rosemary oil though. It’s always great in helping one deal with indigestion, headaches and migraines, asthma and sinusitis as well as Raynauds, low blood pressure, poor circulation and it helps to eliminate toxins from the body. Just to name a few of it’s uses, since in total there are well over 50 different uses for this essential oil!
A truly wonderful oil indeed!

I hope you enjoyed reading about Rosemary oil, and maybe even learned something new today!
Don’t forget to check back again in two weeks when we delve into the world of yet another wonderful oil!

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